Busy Beats Fitness and Dance

Busy Beats is the ultimate fitness and dance experience for all ages.

We offer fresh, engaging and vibrant programs that promote a balanced, healthy and active lifestyle.

Who we are:

School Programs:

  • Qualified, registered and experienced teacher
  • Mobile provider - direct to your School
  • Professional and approachable
  • Brisbane based

Adult Programs:

  • Qualified, registered and experienced trainer
  • Outdoor fitness provider
  • Motivated and committed
  • Brisbane based

What we do:

School Programs:

  • Curriculum based programs to suit your School
  • Small teacher-student ratio
  • Platform for physical, cognitive and social development
  • Support student diversity and special needs

Adult Programs:

  • Personalised fitness programs to suit your needs
  • Private and group training options
  • Fresh and natural training environment
  • Suits varying fitness levels and training preferences

“Alyssa has a wonderful manner and her enthusiasm is infectious as she engages children in dance, music and movement. Her lessons cater for every child and guarantee participation to the fullest with a smile on each face.”

Cheryl Rowe | Principal | Seville Road State School